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Maureen C. Kelley Psy.D.
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Relaxation Training
Relaxation training is any method, process, procedure, or activity that helps a person to relax; to attain a state of increased calmness; or otherwise reduce levels of anxiety, stress or tension. Relaxation techniques are often employed as one element of a wider stress management program and can decrease muscle tension, lower the blood pressure and slow heart and breathe rates, among other health benefits. Various techniques are used by individuals to improve their state of relaxation. Some of the methods are performed alone, and some require the help of another person, often a psychologist. Some techniques involve movement, while others focus on stillness; and some methods involve other elements.
Certain relaxation techniques known as "formal and passive relaxation exercises" are generally performed while sitting or lying quietly. These include: Biofeedback, Deep breathing, Meditation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and Visualization.

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